Jewelry Care

Jewelry Cleaning and Care
Proper jewelry care greatly extends the life of your piece.  Keep these tips in mind while enjoying your handcrafted jewelry:

-Put on jewelry after using hairsprays, perfumes, etc. to avoid buildup.
-Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water can help keep jewelry looking like new.  Make sure to dry thoroughly with a
soft cloth (paper towels can scratch finishes).
-Jewelry is best stored in an airtight bag when not in use. Your item is typically packaged in an airtight plastic bag with a small piece
of anti-tarnish silvercloth for this purpose.
-Remove jewelry before swimming, showering, or working with harsh chemicals.
-If an item tarnishes, gently polish with a jewelry polishing cloth.  Take extra care with plated jewelry, as aggressive polishing can
remove the finish. 

‚ÄčThese are general guidelines, and not intended as an exhaustive list.  For example, pearls and soft or porous stones may
require special care.