Make a Statement! Hand-Stamped Leather 3/4" Cuff Bracelet

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Make a Statement! Leather Cuff Bracelets are available in 3/4' or 1" width.  This listing is for the 3/4" Cuff.

Completely Customizable!  Choose your cuff color, number of characters, font, and enter your text to be stamped.  Customize the cuff size to fit you best. (See below for details.)

Leather cuff available in 4 colors.  Snap closure.  Hand-stamped on aluminum sheet, so length of metal will vary based on the number of characters, but will always lie within the boundaries of the leather cuff.  

Please note that hand-stamped products have an intrinsic charm, because no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.  That also means that perfect lines are impossible.  So appreciate the added charm...that's why you decided to order here anyway, right?  =)



CUFF MEASUREMENT:  Using a piece of paper cut to the same width as cuff (either 3/4" or 1"), measure the length of the fit you prefer around your wrist.  Add 0.65" to that measurement, and you will have the "snap to snap" length that I will use to make your custom fit cuff.  Enter that number in the box.  

Example: Paper Measurement for comfortable fit around wrist is 6 3/4".  

6 3/4 in decimal= 6.75

6.75 + 0.65 = 7.40 <------This is the number you will enter for Cuff Measurement

# of CHARACTERS:  Please note that the pricing for the bracelet is based on the number of characters to be stamped, and will be adjusted accordingly. It is very important that you choose the correct number of characters from the dropdown list. Otherwise, I cannot begin working on your bracelet until correct payment has been received, which could result in a delay in your order.

CONTENT/COPYRIGHT:  I do my best to ensure that any quotes I have suggested are in the public domain.  Please do not submit quotes that are presently in copyright, as I will not stamp them.  Please refrain from profanity or otherwise inappropriate content.  Feel free to email me with your quote before you place an order.  I am happy to answer any questions.